Engineered solutions to repair, rehabilitate, waterproof new and existing concrete plus form and insulate new structures

Our products are for the Civil Engineering/General Contracting/Sub Trades and Residential markets

Concrete Restoration - HC Products

HC Products Inc. is a product distributor focused in concrete products.
Supported by a team of engineers and trades people with specialized backgrounds to assist in applications and lowering costs.

Engineered, Sustainable, and Proven Solutions

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Footprint Engineering Inc. (FPE) is a design engineering services company focused on driving sustainable design practices in foundations and rehabilitation engineering services. The company is founded with the principal objective to decarbonize built environment with a special focus on foundations, rehabilitation, and geotechnical. FPE adopts a systems driven solutions approach to typical below and above grade challenges such as cracks, moisture penetration, shrinkage, etc. through innovative product and engineering solutions implemented as a Rehabilicrete System ® . Rehabilicrete Systems aims to be the industry leader and go to system for engineers and technicians facing challenges with below grade and above grade concrete, cement surface preparation and flooring challenges.

“Decarbonize construction systems through innovative designs and using the best of the best products while enriching the lives of our employees and the community”
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RehabiliCRETE 150

Rehabilicrete is an HC Products system label where RWH Engineering and HCP engineers develop much needed sustainable concrete in final form encapsulation technologies.


A line of high performance epoxy flooring materials.
Corro-Shield has the capability to manufacture specialized coatings to address any issue.


Utilizing special cement binding technology, Velosit’s product lines achieve very high performance in very little time. Combined with non-shrink properties, Velosit’s mortars, waterproofing, and self-leveling solutions are revolutionizing the concrete industry

SealBoss Systems

A multi purpose crack injection system for a variety of solutions for infrastructure and geotechnical applications.

Sanitred Systems

A two-part urethane waterproofing system with over 500% elongation creating a unique and unmatched concrete deck resurfacing solution.


A high bonding building material engineered as a two-part concrete repair and finishing system. Ideal for ICF parging.

Ductilcrete Technologies

A patented, dual layer slab system which delivers high performance slab systems for both interior slabs and exterior pavements. Designed to be virtually maintenance and curl free with 75% reduction in joints and increased load capacity. Providing the end user with superior, state of the art slab system.


A panelized insulated concrete form (ICF) system capable of achieving the highest R-values on the market (R-22 to R-59 and more). Due to its 4 component system, Quad-Lock is the only ICF easily capable of building any design and geometry with minimal waste and labour.


A unique spray-adhesive technology, which greatly improves indoor air quality, increase productivity, and delivers occupational health and safety benefits.

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